Google launches 'Swiffy' that Converts Flash to HTML5

Converting SWF files (the file format for Flash) to HTML 5 is now become possible with 

Yes, Google's Swiffy makes Flash files HTML5 friendly, indirectly Google comes with Adobe Flash killer.. !

Using conversation tool, you will be able to reuse Flash content on devices which are not having Flash Player. You just need to upload SWF file to convert Flash Swf to HTML 5 video. has been started in 2011. Swiffy is launched by Google Labs to convert Flash File to iPhone Friendly HTML5. Swiffy tool is like Adobe, called as WallyBy. The main difference between Swiffy and WallyBy is that Swiffy is web-based tool and code is made and compressed in a way which creates editing difficult, while Wallaby is a type of client which only works on Windows PC or Mac and the code is intended to be edited and reused. You can convert maximum 512 KB Flash files (.swf) into HTML 5 content.

How it works?

You don’t require registration to Convert Flash SWF to HTML5 Video at Google’s free online tool. To convert files into HTML5 Video, just upload flash file from your computer. Once you upload it, you can open flash files in any computer that does not contain flash player. You can also convert flash file into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG. Currently, the output of site only works on webkit-based browsers including Apple Safari and Google Chrome and Swiffy supports a division of ActionScript 2.0 and SWF 8. It works only with animation and content prepared using Flash 8.


  • Convert Adobe Flash animation SWF Files into HTML5 easily
  • Open HTML 5 video on any computer which has no Flash Player


  • Convert maximum 512 KB Flash files (.swf) into HTML 5 content

Swiffy vs. Wallaby

It should also be noted that Adobe launched a similar tool known as Wallaby in March. Like Swiffy, Wallaby converts Flash to HTML5, and again, mainly for the purpose of converting ads. Google explains the differences between the two programs in its FAQ:

Wallaby is an installable tool that converts .fla files, whereas Swiffy is a web-based tool that converts .swf files. Wallaby focuses on reusing parts of a Flash file in HTML, and thus produces code that can be edited by the developer, whereas Swiffy generates an efficient format that is not that easily editable.

For what's it's worth, Adobe says it's happy about Swiffy:

Adobe is pleased to see the Flash platform extended to devices which don't support the Flash player. The result is that anyone creating rich or interactive ads can continue to get all the authoring benefits of Flash Pro and have the flexibility to run the ad in the Flash Player or HTML depending on what's available on the system. Google and Adobe look forward to close collaboration around efforts like these.

Have you tried using Swiffy yet to convert any of your flash animations to HTML5?


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