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Telegram Messenger for Windows 7/8 PC

This post is about Telegram for PC or Telegram Messenger for PC. Those who do not know Telegram is an Android, iOS and Windows app which is a messenger. We have seen WhatsApp taking the world by storm. WhatsApp rocked because it was simple and fast. Other alternatives of WhatsApp like Wechat, Line came and went but WhatsApp stood up against them. You can use WhatsApp for PC & WeChat for PC. Now, Telegram messenger is doing the same thing as WhatsApp. It is similar to WhatsApp and has some positive points. The best thing is that Telegram is available for PC, So you can easily download Telegram Messenger for PC (Windows). You can download following Android apps for PC.

There are many features of Telegram messenger and they are almost same as WhatsApp but There are some benefits of TeleGram over WhatsApp:
  • You can send messages with internet on Telegram.
  • You can send pictures with Telegram Messenger.
  • You can see when your friends were last online.
  • Benefits of Telegram over WhatsApp Messenger
  • A PC client is available so you can easily use Telegram on PC.
  • It is fast
  • It has encrypted secure chat feature
  • The verification process is easy.
How To Install Telegram on PC (Windows)

You can easily install Telegram messenger on PC by following the simple steps
  • Download Telegram for PC from this link:
  • Install the .exe file on your Windows PC.
  • Open the installed Telegram Messenger application and Click on start messaging (Make sure you are connected to Internet).

  • On the next screen it will detect your country automatically and ask for your phone number. Register a new number or enter the old number if you already have a Telegram account as shown.
  • It will send you a pin on the phone number for verification.

  • Now , your account will be activated. Enter you details by going to settings and upload a profile picture and customize the options according to your choice.

You could send your queries/issues faced to Snehal [at] TechProceed [dot] com.

Congratulations, You have just Installed Telegram on PC (Windows). Share this article with your friends and let them know about this cool app.