About Me

My Background

After pursuing Engineering in Computer Science from SSGMCE (where I did nothing and only had real fun), I wanted to enter the IT field. I never thought that I would go for higher education but recession compelled me to do so. However, I think it proved better for me. I accomplished my M.Tech in IT from Central University of Hyderabad. During M.Tech, I spent a lot of my time researching the Cloud Computing stuff. It was exciting!

My current role sees me working as Application Developer in prestigious JP Morgan Chase.
I joined JP Morgan Chase in August 2011 and its going good so far!

I love life, and to tell you the truth I am on a perpetual high. Well, not on alcohol but on the sheer jest for life - the positive vibes and the challenges. I let my passion take over and it's the passion for Technology!

So…Thanks for Reading!
Please, take a look around my site, keep up to date with my ramblings on my blog, have a look at some of my basic tutorials covering a range of media, or stop by my portfolio for a look at some of my latest Stuff… And don’t be a stranger!

And Welcome !

Welcome to TechProceed.com - a weblog full of geeky stuff for IT Professionals. I enjoy blogging because it not only provides a service to the people who read the blog, but it also broadens my knowledge and understanding of the Internet. Read more...

I believe that personally accessible technology is the foundation of humanity’s future. To that end I help people to understand and safely use personal computers and related technology so that they can do more, be more, grow more and connect more than ever before, and be an active participant in that future. I do that by answering questions, educating on important topics and trends, and sharing my overall passion and excitement for the possibilities.

Can you email me questions?

Of course! The best way to contact me is via e-mail at admin[at]techproceed[dot]com. Feel free to shoot me a question on any topic related to computers. Sometimes I get a bunch of emails, so it may take a day or two to get back in contact with you. I’ll be incorporating technical forums into my blog eventually. You can even fill This Form !

Is there any other way to connect with me ?
Of course, otherwise I would not be a "Computer" guy! You can connect with me on with below: