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Top Tricks to Increase Your Twitter Traffic

With our current way of life, Social Networking Websites are one of the best ways to reach the masses, if used correctly. Websites like Twitter make it possible for you to easily advertise and promote your business or blog, although, unless you are actually able to build up a decent following, you will simply be talking to yourself. The only real way to get a massive number of followers is to tweet something positive about Justin Bieber, and then sit back and watch as thousands of young fan-girls follow you, although these probably aren’t the people you want to be targeting with your blog/business ideas. Here are some helpful tips to remember if you wish to improve your Twitter traffic.

Brilliant Twitter Bio
On a social networking site that has millions of users, you need to ensure that you have something that makes you stand out. This is where your Twitter biography comes in. If you are going to have a boring biography that puts the reader to sleep, there will be no ‘follow’ coming your way. It is important to have followers that have similar interests to you, therefore it is important to actually be yourself (this is rare on the internet). This is not an excuse to write an essay about yourself, keep it short and sweet, making sure to add something about both your personal and professional life.

Username is Key
Usernames need to be selected carefully and according to your specific niche. Let’s say you are a gambling fanatic and wish to tweet about all your epic adventures on yourself @CuteSk8erChikk isn’t quite going to cut it. It would be much more beneficial to go with something like @JackpotJoy, which will help make it easier for people to find you.

Pointless Hashtags
There is nothing more off-putting that reading tweet after tweet that ends with a large number of completely pointless hashtags. If you wish to promote your educated ideas with fellow educated individuals, using hashtags like #cute #summer #NoFilter and #Yolo, is definitely not the way to go.

Tweet Regularly
No one is going to follow you if they find your profile and see that your last tweet was some eight months ago. With the fast-paced world that we live in, it is important to tweet regularly, with information that will appeal to your followers. This will make them want to retweet what you have to say, and will ultimately increase your traffic. There is however a fine line between regular tweets and spam. Constant tweeting will fill your follower’s feed, frustrating them to the point of an ‘unfollow’.

By Jason Swindon