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It Doesn’t Take a Genius to Choose, Says Samsung

Samsung may have lost the patent battle against Apple, but that doesn’t mean the Korean electronics giant has quieted down.

In a new ad shown that will start running in various US national and regional papers on Sunday, Samsung has stacked the specifications of its Galaxy S III smartphone against the newly-announced iPhone 5.

What’s first noticeable about the ad is its tagline, which is an obvious jab at Apple: “It doesn’t take a genius”. Not only does this reference Apple’s “genius” retail employees, Samsung also implies that deciding between the two devices is a piece of cake.

The Galaxy S III’s list of features is much longer than the iPhone 5, and its specs beat Apple’s latest smartphone in terms of HD resolution, talk time and RAM. It also features near-field communications (NFC) technology — not included in the iPhone 5 — which allows users to pay at checkout with a mobile phone.

The ad also pokes fun at the iPhone 5′s specs wording, dismissing Apple’s new Lightning dock as “a totally different plug”.

Samsung has been touting the capabilities of its devices more aggressively lately, in an attempt to determine iPhone users to move to Android and leave Apple aside.

I personally prefer Samsung over Apple but I didn't like Samsung ad that states: “Our phone is better because our contrived spec list is longer!” The truth is that the bottom half of the Galaxy S III’s specs on this ad are meaningless.

Apparently, although Galaxy S III’s hardware specifications are seen as superior to those of iPhone 5, the latter has already seen great demand in the US, only hours after the pre-order period started.

This shows that iPhone buyers are less interested in the specs sheet of the device than Samsung would have hoped for, and that they are fond of the experience and the ecosystem that Apple offers to them.

Have a look at Samsung’s ad :