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Connect two Computers using Cross Cable

Sharing the high Disk Space file between two computer is littel bit of difficult incase you don’t have high GB pen drive. Many use LAN Cable to connect the two computers but they can’t.

Here I bring you to How to connect two computers/Laptops using LAN Cable. so that you built your own network to share files, play counter strike, and much more…

Basic things required while building up a network are
LAN Cable with rj45 connectors
Computers/Netbook between the networking is to be done.

RJ45 is basically called as Register Jacket. It is a piece of plastic bound with different types of wires in a particular and sequential range for the purpose of running of different of different applications. This jack helps to enable you to ping with the other node.

We do networking by using TCP/IP ports. Each computer have its individual IP address. IP address are basically classified in 3 types A, B, C ranging from 1 to 225.

Class A – 0 to 127
Class B – 128 to 191
Class C – 192 to 223

Here are step which can help you to built a network at your home on your own.
  • The First and the basic step before setting up a network is to check whether LAN drivers are successfully installed on both the computers.
  • Insert the cable in connectors on both computers.
  • Go to Start>Control Panel>Network Connections>right click on Local Area Connection>properties>(TCP/IP)>properties.
  • Click on “use the following IP address“.
  • Remember you have to put IP addresses ranging from 1 to 254 only.
For instance you can put the following setting in first PC
IP address:
Subnet mask: (appear default)
Default Gateway: Leave blank

Follow the same steps for the second PC but here you just have to change the IP address, for instance you can keep it and other two kept same.

Save the settings for both the computers. To test whether both computers are connect we ping the each other IP. If you get a reply, then your network is setup successfully.

All are set, know enjoy sharing and gaming.