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Top Rated Android Apps

This article will tell you about some of the top rated Android apps that are available in the Android market today. You can spend many hours each day browsing through the various categories, and you will soon find some wonderful apps that you will love.
Top Rated Android Apps
If you are the proud owner of one of the top 10 Android phones that are available in the market today, then these top rated Android apps are going to prove very useful to you. Android is a mobile phone operating system released by Google and it is growing at a supremely rapid pace. In the last quarter that went by, Android based smartphones constituted 44% of sales, and this number is only going to grow further.

As more and more people are turning to smartphones on a worldwide basis, a distinct divide is surfacing between users of Android and iOS (Apple Inc's mobile operating system), and more and more people are beginning to take sides now. Android is a Linux based OS that is completely open sourced, and this is what endears it to so many people all around the globe.

What this means is that the manufacturers of the hardware of mobile phones are free to tweak the User Interface (UI) of their Android running phones in any way they want. This has culminated in the fact that no two Android phones are the same. Apple says that this problem of fragmentation will be Android's biggest weakness, but the truth is that this is in fact, its biggest strength. Samsung mobile phones come with their Touchwiz 3.0 UI, HTC phones come with HTC Sense UI, Motorola phones come with the MotoBlur UI and Sony Ericsson phones come with the Rachael UI.

Applications and Games

The nature of top rated Android apps available is what separates it from other operating systems around. Though Apple has many more apps available (300,000), the number of apps on Android are only growing. On October 25, 2010 the Market crossed the 100,000 mark and in November 2010 this number stands at 160,000. This is a phenomenal growth rate, and it is only a matter of time before the Apple App Store is surpassed.

Operating systems for cell phones are defined by the nature and number of apps and games that are available on them, and this is the primary reason behind Androids success. Out of all the mobile platforms that are available today, only Android and iOS come close to offering the user some excellent apps with a number of features to choose from.

Top Rated Android Apps 2010

With that being said, here are some of the best Android apps that are available for download in the market today. Any list of top 10 Android apps would be incomplete without the mention of any of the apps mentioned here. Some of them are paid and some of them are free, but they all offer unbelievable utility and productivity.
  • Layar - An Augmented Reality technology app that gives you real time information about any object or place that you point your phone at.
  • Google Sky Map - Another AR app that is one of the best Android apps 2010. It gives you real time information about the constellations that you see in the night sky, as you point your phone at the sky.
  • AnyCut - A great app that gets any setting toggle on your phone to the homescreen so that you can access it with one single touch.
  • Advanced Task Killer - One of the top rated Android apps that lets you close any unwanted apps that are running in the background, and eating the battery and the RAM.
  • Weather Channel - Provides you with constant updates about the weather conditions for any specified location.
  • Opera Mini - A great mobile version of the much loved web browser, Opera.
  • FXCamera - A very useful camera app that lets you take pictures in 5 different settings.
  • DoodleDroid - A great app that does for your phone what MS Paint does for your PC. You can draw some great colored doodles and share them with your friends or set them as your wallpaper.
  • Angry Birds - The best selling mobile phone game ever made, period.
  • Pandora Radio - One of the top rated free Android apps that emulates Pandora Internet radio on your smartphone.
  • Amazon Kindle - Access the world's biggest collection of Ebooks that you can read on your Android phone.
  • Seesmic - The best Twitter client app that can be used on Android.
  • Bump - This app is a great way to share files with another Android phone that has the same app functioning. All you need to do is bump the two devices together.
  • Barcode Scanner - Lets you scan the barcodes on any product that you see, and relays the information to you.
  • RingDroid - One of the most useful Android apps that lets you cut out a snippet of any song and makes it into your ringtone.
  • GoChat - An interesting app that lets you access your Facebook Chat account.
These were just a few of the many top rated Android apps that you can make use of. You can find tons of apps in various different categories and you can even search for the most popular apps once you are in the Android Market. There is something for everyone here, and one can spend hours browsing through the many great apps that are available.