Google's Bouncing Balls

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Today marks the birthday of Google. In celebration of such an important holiday among internet users, the Google homepage consists of a Google logo made up of bouncing dots and balls.

They just aren’t your normal Google balls though. They are interactive with the a user’s mouse pointer. If you hover over the word “Google” the balls will spread away from your mouse pointer. Once the mouse is placed away from the balls, they will slowly morph back into the shape of the word “Google”.

Is there a point to the animated Google logo? Probably not much more than to celebrate their birthday. However they are also utilizing some HTML 5 and CSS3 elements, which they hope will be the future of the internet. Also, the bouncing Google balls are from a Google Doodle. You can see more Google doodle logos at

Happy Birthday Google! Where would the internet be without you?


Anonymous said...

Cool.. love this script..
But why the post date is Jan 1, 2012 ?

Snehal Masne said...

It's not an error. I wanted that post to be the first, that's why purposefully I gave date ahead of time :)

Snehal Masne said...

hey.. corrected.. :)

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