IBM Certification Exam 000-001 the First Step in Applying Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

The IBM 000-001 certification exam is the first step testing your knowledge of the fundamentals of Applying Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Solutions V2 in a client's environment. The exam tells IBM how well you will be able to identify opportunities and to influence key personnel.

The test, which is associated with the IBM Certified Solution Advisor certification, lasts 60 minutes and has around 43 questions. A passing score is 65. There are six sections on the IBM 000-001 exam. Thorough preparation is essential; you should find a quality, online testing prep service like that offers practice exam procedures.

Here are the six sections and a brief summary of what they each entail.

Section 1: Current Architecture and Environment: In this section, you will be asked to fully comprehend a customer's technical environment by analyzing his architecture, including networking hardware, software and security.

Section 2: Business Drivers: You must have a thorough grasp of the theories of Enterprise Asset Management to pass this section.

Section 3: Functional Requirements: You will be asked to identify key areas of the customer's business methods that relate to Enterprise Asset Management.

Section 4: Reporting Requirements: This sections tests your knowledge of EAM reporting options.

Section 5: Integration and Interfacing Requirements: Migration and Integration strategies are tested, specifically how to move the client to the proposed IBM EAM solution.

Section 6 Customization: Your knowledge of tailoring tools will be tested here, as well as your ability to explain it to the client.


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