Transfer a blog from one account to another Account

Blogger is the best place to create your own blog for absolutely free. This service is run by Google. Here you need a Google account to enter Blogger. In fact, whenever you open, you have to log in with your Google account.
Actually, it is a tutorial article, in which I will tell you how to transfer your blogger blog to another account. Here is a very easy procedure to transfer your blogspot blog to another Google account. So, follow the steps to know how to transfer -
STEP 1 : Go to blogger dashboard by sign in to blogger.
STEP 2 : Click on More Options button and select Settings.
Open Settings in blogger dashboard
Open Settings in blogger dashboard
STEP 3 : Now, Click on Add Authors in Permissions section.
Add authors
Add authors
STEP 4 : Now, type the another gmail id, where you want to transfer your blog.
Type another id where to transfer blog
Type another id where to transfer blog
STEP 5 : Now, sign out the blogger and open Gmail and sign in with the id where you want to transfer your blogger blog.
STEP 6 : You’ll receive a invitation link from the that blogger blog. You need to click on the link and you’ll reach to blogger dashboard. Yet, the blog has not completely transferred but you have only become a contributor for the related blogger blog.
STEP 7 : So, to transfer completely, you have to log into your blogger account again with the blog admin id and again navigate to Settings > Permissions.
STEP 8 : Now, you’ll see two blog authors one named admin and another named author. Here you need to Click on author and change it to admin and remove the old admin from the list.
So, at last sign out this blogger account and sign in with new account where you have transferred the blog. You’ll see that your blog has completely transferred from old account to this account.


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