iOS 7: Here is what's new

 OS 7 has revealed a completely redesigned version of Apple's mobile operating system. Redesigned from the ground-up, iOS 7 boasts some pretty big changes for the way iOS devices will look, including both iPhones and iPads. A new UI design is at the forefront of the new iOS 7. 

iOS 7 boasts some major changes to the operating system all the way from the ground up. Including a complete redesign of the UI, Apple has announced that they've concentrated on ten core points in the latest update. 

Control Center: Apple has enabled an option for users to swipe up and access a bunch of quick settings. This will allow users to quickly turn on and off some popular settings without having to navigate around the device. Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Brightness, and more are all available from the redesigned control center and will also be available from the lock screen.

Multitasking: All apps will now have access to multitasking controls. Multitasking will now support intelligent scheduling of resources to apps that require them and also prioritize based on network conditions. This means, if you don't have great reception or not in a Wi-Fi area, the OS won't try to prioritize applications that require that to function. As well, if you receive a push notification, the OS will prioritize that application and make sure it's up to date should you use it right after the notification.

Safari: Redesigned to take up more of your screen, providing more of a full screen look. Includes smartsearch fields and a new interface for your tabs (you are no longer constrained to only 8 open tabs). Safari will also be compatible with the new iCloud keychain that was announced in OS Mavericks. 

Airdrop: You can now share files/photos/etc with people who are around you wirelessly. This will be available for current iOS devices (new iPad, iPhone 5, latest iPod Touch, etc). 

Camera: Live photo filters have been introduced, like the Instragram style, and you can easily swipe between camera modes: video, panoramic, normal, and box view.

Photos: This app has been redesigned and allows for a more seamless way to organize and view your photos, using what Apple refers to as Moments.

Siri: New interface with better search results. It has been updated to have both male and female voices in English, German, and French (with more languages being supported later on). As well, Siri can now control more of your device using voice commands, including turning on and off functions as well as changing settings. 

iOS in the Car: Integration of your iOS device with iOS compatible cars (expected in 2014) so that you can use your cars display system as an extension of your device, dictating messages, using GPS maps, and more.

Appstore: Includes new features, such as being able to search for apps based on age relevancy, so you can search for apps specific for your child or toddler. As well, you can search for apps that are popular based on your location. Finally, no more manually updating. The new appstore will update apps on the fly.

Music: Enable iCloud integration for music and videos, allowing you to use these services on the fly as well as providing a new view/organization method of the way your library layed out. iTunes Radio has been announced, allowing users the experience of popular internet radio apps such as Pandora and Spotify, right within Apple's music app. This service will be free for all users with ads, and ad-free for iTunes Match subscribers. iTunes Radio will be available only in the US to begin with.

Furthermore, Apple also announced a new feature called Activation Lock, which provides another layer of security should you have your iOS device stolen. Once activated, this will prevent thieves from doing anything with the device without your Apple ID (even if they turn off Find my iPhone or wipe the device). 

iOS 7 is available as a beta for developers using an iPhone as of today and with iPads getting the rollout in the coming weeks. It will be available for the general public in the fall of 2013.

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