Eclipse plug-ins every Developer should use

Eclipse Marketplace continues to be the place to discover interesting and relevant Eclipse plugins. There are over 100,000 successful installs/month of Eclipse-based products via the Eclipse Marketplace client. We have a list of the most popular plugins over the last 30 days and all time. I thought it would be interesting to look at what are the most popular new plugins in the last 12 months.

– Maven integration with WTP. Also #4 on the most popular chart
– jQuery autocompletion support for Eclipse JSDT
– Groovy IDE
– Eclipse plugin for ZK framework
– Running a web application in Eclipse should be as simple as ‘clicking run’.
– UML class and sequence diagram editor
7. P4Eclipse 
– Eclipse plugin for Perforce code management
– Extends CDT to show more context around C/C++ brackets
9. Vrapper 
– Imitate vim within Eclipse editors
– Inspect, understand and debug Java bytecode

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