Linux logout user or logoff user commands

Q. How do I logout Linux user?

A. root or admin user can logout any user forcefully. If you are logged in as vivek and just wanted to logout or logoff, type logout command or hit CTRL+D:


$ logout

You will be logout of a login shell session or secure shell session.

Task: Linux logout user

If you would like to logout other users, you must login as root user. Next you need to use pkill command.

pkill command syntax

pkill -KILL -u {username}


To see list of logged in user type who or w command:

# who

# w


To logout user called raj, enter:

# pkill -KILL -u sam


$ sudo pkill -KILL -u sam


Find a file by name in UNIX/Solaris/Linux

Using the find command, locate a file by name

To find a file such as filename.txt anywhere on the system:
find / -name filename.txt -print
Recent operating system versions do not require the print option because this is the default. To limit the search to a specific directory such as /usr:
find /usr -name filename.txt -print

Mount an ISO file in Linux

It is convenient to mount an ISO file directly instead of burning it to a CD first. This recipe describes the command used to mount an ISO image on a Linux system.

To mount the ISO image file.iso to the mount point /mnt/test use this command:
~ ~ ~ 
 #mount -o loop -t iso9660 file.iso /mnt/test

~ ~ ~

Google Search from your mobile via sms, Now Available in India

Power cuts are no big deal in India. If you ever fell victim of power cuts and wanted to do some google search in that time or just want a mobile Google Search Solution, Google India has launched the SMS search service. The sms costs you (Rs 2 or whatever is the rate for national sms for your provider). This is a big plus because you dont have to pay for premium sms as you would have to do if you used other shortcodes.
So how do you perform a search? The number to remember (or to add to your contacts) for google search is:
Send your query as sms to this number and you will get a reply containing the results. Here is a sample reply which you would get if you search for “weather delhi”. There are special searches for trains, cricket scores and similar stuff.You can find some example queries and other details here.
Similar service existed in other countries like US, but has recently been launched in India. A welcome feature for the mobile phone crazy India! Way to go Google India!