Transfer a blog from one account to another Account

Blogger is the best place to create your own blog for absolutely free. This service is run by Google. Here you need a Google account to enter Blogger. In fact, whenever you open, you have to log in with your Google account.
Actually, it is a tutorial article, in which I will tell you how to transfer your blogger blog to another account. Here is a very easy procedure to transfer your blogspot blog to another Google account. So, follow the steps to know how to transfer -
STEP 1 : Go to blogger dashboard by sign in to blogger.
STEP 2 : Click on More Options button and select Settings.
Open Settings in blogger dashboard
Open Settings in blogger dashboard
STEP 3 : Now, Click on Add Authors in Permissions section.
Add authors
Add authors
STEP 4 : Now, type the another gmail id, where you want to transfer your blog.
Type another id where to transfer blog
Type another id where to transfer blog
STEP 5 : Now, sign out the blogger and open Gmail and sign in with the id where you want to transfer your blogger blog.
STEP 6 : You’ll receive a invitation link from the that blogger blog. You need to click on the link and you’ll reach to blogger dashboard. Yet, the blog has not completely transferred but you have only become a contributor for the related blogger blog.
STEP 7 : So, to transfer completely, you have to log into your blogger account again with the blog admin id and again navigate to Settings > Permissions.
STEP 8 : Now, you’ll see two blog authors one named admin and another named author. Here you need to Click on author and change it to admin and remove the old admin from the list.
So, at last sign out this blogger account and sign in with new account where you have transferred the blog. You’ll see that your blog has completely transferred from old account to this account.

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes Quickly

In this article we will show all the basic tips how to increase Facebook fan page likes instantly. Here we will discuss some major advantages of large number of facebook pages likes. Increasing the counts of facebook page likes will attract your readers more to stay on your blog. This can also help to prove that your blog is receiving decent amount of traffics. However if we have dozens of likes on facebook page you can boost our posts and share it with billions of savvy bloggers and webmasters. So it can also help in improving our post ranking in Search engine result. One of the finest advantage of having thousand of Facebook page likes we can hit up to get the attention of thousands of bloggers and webmaster. So it is also the fastest growing way to spread over voice all over the world. So in today article, we will show you how to increase facebook fan page likes quickly.

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes Quickly

Here we will discuss all the excellent tips to increase your likes instantly and show maximum counts likes on facebook page. To follow all the below tips you will be able to get massive Facebook likes. Lets See how?.

Install Facebook Likes Widget

Installing the Facebook gadget on your blog is a genuine way to increase your facebook likes. Facebook itself also gives more awesome opportunity to bloggers it provides us piece of chuck code to embed in the website which help in showing all the likes of page and give instant result if someone hit the like button which is called facebook fan page box.

To look into alternative method, we can also use the most prominent facebook popup like box which will compels our reader to hit the fb page like. But i would recommended not use this one because it will not give us positive result instead it would discourage our reader. It would also compel our blog on loading time. So by the help of Facebook widget we can build a strong facebook page likes instantly.

Buying The Facebook Likes

There are many online services available which offer sells Facebook likes at very low costs. These services include various websites to do this job one of the finest website is This website offer at low cost per likes, the more you buy the likes the more you will maximize your facebook page likes. So it would give a lot of traffic from Facebook directly flow to your Facebook page.
Invite Your Common Facebook Friends

In this method you can easily grab the attention of all of your common facebook friends. Let us know how to do? to add these friend to your facebook page. Go to facebook page >> click on invite button showing at the top of the page. After clicking all your friends will listing in the drop down mode, now select your specif friends which love your brands and niche. In my case i would select only bloggers and add one by one.So in this way you can easily increase your facebook likes.

Keep Update Your Facebook Page Constantly

We all of know that every one likes new latest deadly news. So to make your facebook page more popularize we have to update our page regularly on daily basis, it would bring us more and more likes because facebook page shares our posts on theirs walls and profiles, which will automatically alert the facebook user and hence they will like our page.

Advertise Your Page On Facebook

Facebook itself gives us awesome opportunity to advertise your site, page or brands on facebook with little amount of money. some time you might have noticed that whenever to open facebook page, you will see several of pages on the right side which are also recommended to be liked. These pages are mostly publicize by bloggers and webmaster they paid a little money to facebook to share their pages.

Use AdMeFast Tools To Boost Your Facebook Page Likes

Admefast is an online tools which can multiply your likes thousands times. Admefast is the official websites design special for facebook likes. You have to get registration with addmefast site to poll your likes instantly. It work on the following criteria. After registration you will be given dozen of pages to likes from your own facebook account. So doing this in revenge the same page will also automatically like your page. 

Now it up to you how many likes you want to add to your facebook page. But i would recommended not to use this website if your website is suited only for special niche or topic. Because from this website you will get random niches likes which will give nothing. But you can only maximize your facebook page likes quickly. 

Share Your Ideas About Facebook Page Likes

We hope you find this tutorial helpful for your blogging career. This was little about how you can increase your facebook fan page likes quickly and instantly in very short duration of times. So we have shared our experienced with all of you, We are confident these tips will surely increase your Facebook page likes dramatically. i would hungry requested to kindly share your thoughts with us if you know the better way how to make increase the facebook page likes quickly. Thanks and Happy blogging day!.

How to Browse Anonymously

Although many users believe that their Web surfing activities are anonymous, a great deal of identifying information is transmitted to and from websites that you browse. A history of the sites you've visited is stored on your computer even after you close your browser, and most websites keep logs of visitors' IP addresses and other statistical data. For those who wish to surf the Web anonymously, most of the major browsers offer secure browsing modes to give users more anonymity as they travel the Web.


  1. Internet Explorer

    • Run Internet Explorer and open the "Tools" menu. Click the "InPrivate Browsing" option to open a new window that invokes this secure browsing mode. Alternately, press "Ctrl-Shift-P" on your keyboard to launch an InPrivate browsing window, or right-click a pinned Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar and select the "InPrivate Browsing" option from the context menu.
    • Browse as you normally would. If you visit websites where you have accounts, you will need to log in manually because InPrivate browsing mode does not load any cached information or cookies from previous browsing sessions. If you return to one of these websites later in a regular browsing session, your login information will be stored in the usual manner.
    • Close the InPrivate browsing window when you are finished. Make sure that you don't have any content you want to save in other tabs, as all information will be lost when your close the window.

  2. Mozilla Firefox

    • Launch Firefox. Click the "Firefox" button in the upper left corner of the window and select the "Private Browsing" option. Alternately, press "Ctrl-Shift-P" to start a private browsing session.
    • Click the "Start Private Browsing" button to begin your private browsing session when prompted. Any tabs that you currently have open will be saved and then closed, allowing you to recover your current browsing session once you have finished browsing privately. The "Firefox" button will turn purple to indicate that you are browsing privately.
    • Browse as you normally would, keeping in mind that no user data or preferences will be loaded from previous browsing sessions. Click the "Firefox" button and select the "Stop Private Browsing" option to return to standard browsing mode and reload your previously saved session. Alternately, press "Ctrl-Shift-P" again to terminate private browsing.

  3. Google Chrome

    • Launch Chrome and click the "Wrench" icon to access the options menu. Click the "New Incognito Window" option to start browsing in Chrome's Incognito Mode. A new window will open with an Incognito Mode icon that looks like a man in a trench coat and fedora. Alternately, you can launch an Incognito Mode window by pressing "Ctrl-Shift-N" on your keyboard while in Chrome.
    • Browse as you normally would. Note that user data and preferences from previous browsing sessions won't be loaded while you are browsing in Incognito Mode.
    • Close the Incognito Mode window to end your private browsing session. Any cookies or other data produced by the browsing session will be deleted when the window is closed.

Tips and Warnings
  • There are other ways to browse anonymously, such as the TOR browser that was explicitly designed to mask IP addresses and the website that routes browser traffic through its own servers to hide your IP information.
  • Plugins can add encryption features to some popular Web browsers. Firefox users can use the FoxTOR or Ultrasurf plugins to surf the Web anonymously; the latter is also available for Internet Explorer users. Chrome users can install the TOR Button plugin, which adds a toggle button to the browser that can be used to turn anonymous browsing on and off.
  • To protect your personal information, you can manually delete cookies, temporary files and other data using the "Options" or "Preferences" feature specific to your browser. Make sure that you manually log out of websites and set your browser to never remember passwords before doing this to ensure that login data isn't saved or ignored when clearing cookies and other files.
  • Turn off "third party" cookies to reduce the trail you leave as you surf the Web. Cookies are often placed on your computer when you browse a website, but some cookies can be read by other websites for advertising and similar purposes. In your browser's privacy settings, select "Customize Settings" or its equivalent and uncheck the box beside "Accept Third-party Cookies" or a similarly named option.
  • Web browsing is often not completely anonymous. Even users who deploy secure plugins and alternate browsers designed for anonymity can sometimes be tracked through the websites they visit or activities they perform online. If you post in chat rooms or on message boards, be aware that your comments may impart revealing information that defeats your efforts to surf the Web anonymously.

Top 10 Productivity Hacks

We all need a productivity boost now and then — sometimes throughout the day. We each want to be productive for very personal reasons — to accomplish more, to make more money, to get done earlier to make more time for our personal lives, to accomplish our goals. But whatever the reason, these Productivity Hacks will do the trick.

Here they are, in reverse order :

#10: Take care of your Most Important Things first. Your Most Important Things for the day — the things you most need to accomplish that day — should take priority over everything else. However, we all know that fires come up throughout the day, interruptions through phone calls and email and people dropping by, new demands that will push the best-laid plans aside. If you put off your MITs until later in the day, you will end up not doing them much of the time.

Try to get all three of your MITs done before moving on to anything else. If you can do that, the rest of the day is gravy!

# 9: Wake up early. Decide what you’d like to accomplish each morning, and build your morning routine around that. Like to exercise? Put that in there. Healthy breakfast? Go for it. Check email? Fine. The mornings are a fresh start, peaceful and free of ringing phones and constant email notifications. If you get your Most Important Things done in the morning, the rest of the day is just gravy. (see How I Became an Early Riser.)

# 8: Simplify information streams, crank through blogs & email. Think about all the information you receive (email, blogs, newsletters, mailing lists, magazines, newspapers and more) and edit brutally. You will drastically reduce the time you spend reading. For everything else that begins to come in after your editing process, ask yourself if you really need to be getting that information regularly. Most of the time the answer is no. Now, after this process, you should be left with less to read. Here’s the next step: crank through it all, really only reading the really interesting ones.

Editing and cranking through the information you receive can free up a lot of time for more important things — like achieving your goals.

# 7: Declutter your workspace; work on one thing at a time. The decluttering your work space part of it is simply to remove all extra distractions, on your desk and on your computer. If you’ve got a clean, simplified workspace, you can better focus on the task at hand. (See more on how to do this.)

Now, with distractions minimized, focus on the task at hand. Don’t check email, don’t work on five projects at once, don’t check the stats on your blog, don’t go to your feed reader. Work on that one task, and work on it with concentrated focus until you are done. (See How NOT to Multi-task.) Then celebrate your achievement!

# 6: Get to work early; work fewer hours. My best days come when I get into work early, and begin my work day in the quiet morning hours, before the phones start ringing and the din of the office begins it crescendo to chaos. It is so peaceful, and I can work without interruption or losing focus. I often find that I get my MITs done before anyone comes in, and then the rest of the day is dealing with whatever comes up (or even better: getting ahead for the next day).

Added bonus: you skip rush-hour traffic.

But just as productive is the second part of the tip: leave early and work fewer hours. It’s paradoxical, but if you work fewer hours, and know that your time is limited, you will be more focused. Then you have more hours to yourself! Everyone wins.

# 5: Avoid meetings; when you must meet, make it effective. I find it best to say no to meetings up front. I just say, “Sorry, I can’t make it. I’m tied up with a project right now.” And that’s always true. I’ve always got projects I’m working on that are more important than a meeting.

Now, you probably won’t be able to get out of most meetings, so here are some tips for making meetings more effective.

# 4: Avoid unnecessary work. If we just do any work that comes our way, we can be cranking out the tasks, but not be productive at all. You’re only productive if you are doing work that moves you towards a goal. Eliminate non-essential tasks from your to-do lists, and start to say no to new requests that are non-essential.

If you do not take these steps and speak up, and say no, then you will be overloaded with work that you simply do not need to do. Cut out the non-essential tasks, and focus on those that really matter.

# 3: Do the tough tasks first. You know what those tasks are. What have you been putting off that you know you need to do? Sometimes when you put things off, they end up being things you don’t really need to do. But sometimes they are things you just gotta do. Those are your tough tasks.

Do them first thing in the day.

# 2: Work off-line as much as possible. To increase your productivity, disconnect your Internet connection. Have scheduled times when you’re going to check your email, and only let yourself check your blogs or surf the web when you’ve gotten a certain amount done. When you do go online, do it on a timer. When the timer goes off, unplug again until the next scheduled time.

You’ll be amazed at how much work you’ll get done.

# 1: Do something you’re passionate about. This might not seem like the normal productivity tip, but give it a thought: if you really want to do something, you’ll work like hell to get it done. You’ll work extra hard, you’ll put in even more hours, and you’re less likely to procrastinate. It’s for work that you don’t really care about that you procrastinate. Read the full post for tips on how to find your dream job and do work you truly care about.