How to Make Money From Your Youtube Videos

Wonder how charlie earned millions simply biting fingers? Well there are two main ways by which you can earn money from your published youtube videos.

One is the Youtube Partner Program and another one is connection your youtube account with a adsense account. First one sounds all good, but its not easy as it sounds. Youtube doesn’t accept everyone as its partner unless you really talented and have a super popular youtube channel with lots of subscribers. If you by any chance have one such channel, Click YouTube Partner Program to can sign up for this program.

For the second way, you need to have an adsense account. If you don’t have one, Sign Up

Now that you’ve a adsense account google, here’s how you connect your youtube and adsense accounts:

1. Go to account monetization page and enable monetization to your account in case it isn’t.
2. Now go to Adsense connection page and follow the onscreen instructions.
3. Choose your option from the bottom of the page to choose your Google Account you like to use. Confirm with your Google account password. Accept the association and you’re good to go.
4. Now go to your Video Manager and click small ‘$’ symbol next to your videos and follow on screen instructions.

Make sure your videos are original and doesn’t have any copyright infringements otherwise youtube won’t accept them. Have Fun!

How To Access Facebook Without Internet

Can you imagine your life without facebook or internet? Even I can’t. Some times you end up with mobile phone doesn’t support GPRS or there’s something wrong with your GPRS connection, not enough account balance or you don’t have enough signal to establish a gprs connection. To help in this situation Facebook has partnered with Fonetwish for free access to Facebook accounts without Internet connection.Here’s the trick to access facebook using Fonetwish.

1. Just dial *325# or *FBK# from your mobile and wait for the confirmation message on the screen.

2. Give your username and password to access Facebook without any Data Charges.

Access to facebook account and Status updates is completely free using Fonetwish .If you also want to use features like Notifications, updating friends wall you have to subscribe to Fonetwish premium plan which is very cheap like Rs 1/- per day. Fonetwish has started its services for india and indonesia and is quick expanding its roots to all other countries. This service is currently available on Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo , Idea, XLcom, Telkomsel service providers. By the time you read this article chances are your service operator already supports this.

Trick to Double Your Internet Speed In Firefox

No matter what numbers say, Firefox is my favorite browser. Why? its open source, fast and you can customize every little detail of it, and I’m a kind of guy who likes to play with settings icon bringing the Trick to Double Your Internet Speed In Firefox. Last night I changed few settings of my firefox and it almost doubled my firefox internet surfing speed and here i am sharing those settings.

1. Copy and paste about:config in your firefox address bar and press Enter.

2.  Now you can see a warning window for firefox, but don’t worry firefox is just little shy to show it hidden settings. Click I'll be careful, I promise!

3.  Copy and paste network.http.pipelining in the search bar. Now double click first line that says just network.http.pipelining and double click it, which changes its value from ‘false’ to ‘true’.

4.  Now double click the second line that says network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and set the value in range of 15-30 if you have slow broadband and 50-100 if you have a descent internet connection.

5.  Now right click in the blank space below and click new>integer. Enter nglayout.initialpaint.delay as name and ’0′ as value

6.  Again right click in the blank space below and click new>Boolean. Enter content.interrupt.parsing as name and set its value as ‘true’

7.  Now search for network.dns.disableIPv6 and set it as ‘true’

That’s it! you’re done restart your browser and if you are keen enough, you can observe descent increase in firefox speed. Have Fun!!

Website That Runs Only Without Internet

Rajnikanth!! this man needs no introduction, the Chuck Norris of India. But this is no joke, Rajinikanth website really runs without internet., great part of this website is that the site works "ONLY If THE INTERNET IS SWITCHED OFF" Visitors to this site are greeted with a warning that “He is no ordinary man, this is no ordinary website. It runs on Rajini Power” and are advised to switch off their internet connection to enter the website. Don’t even dare to switch on internet because rajni knows everything you’ll get a popup saying “Aiyyo! That was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your internet”

Once you disconnect your internet connection, you get a message saying now you can enter the site.You can read the story of this legend from the beginning, read inside scoops from his films and get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action, and not to mention his very famous Rajini jokes about impossible feats only he can achieve. Website also comes with funny south indian music to keep you foot tapping while you browse.

The website runs on some complex algorithms which check exchange data packets between two terminals. “The unbelievable spectacle of running a website without the internet is a tribute to Rajinikant’s larger than life image,” says Webchutney’s creative director Gurbaksh Singh, who developed the site.