System Maintenance Suite

This is the project that I show cased at IIT Mumbai while pursuing my engineering from SSGMCE and was among the top 8 projects throughout India. Here is an abstract :

1. Idea of project:

Every computer user thinks that his/her computer should work smoothly without any problem, may be caused by the viruses, faulty application softwares, registry errors, etc. One has to use various applications to defeat each problem respectively. For instance, registry cleaner for cleaning registry only. Still it’s not guaranteed that the error will be resolved. For example, an antivirus may remove the viruses but not cure the damages created by the viruses. The idea behind creating this software is to aid computer user to enjoy problem free computer. As maintenance is a part of any system, an all in one reliable solution may prove better for dealing with the various situations.

2. How does this Software work? 

As stated earlier, problems and errors in the computers are mainly due to the viruses, Trojans, registry errors, application faults, etc. If we analyze all the problems, it can be seen that actually windows registry gets infected. Now windows registry is the place where all the configuration information is stored. Windows every now and then refers to this registry for its operation.

As soon as any value in this registry is disturbed, windows may give unwanted results accordingly. Same is the case with the application faults, missing or changing of any file throws an error to user. All this may lead to slowing down the speed of computer. Thus if we could prevent files or the registry values from being changed, we can keep our system safe and sound. And that’s the principle of this software. We are actually resetting the original configuration of computer to get rid of the problems. That is our AHK based interface allows us to use amazing power of registry to completely conquer the system. Here it doesn’t require remembering all the paths to registry values or monitoring of any file changed or missed. All these facilities are provided in excellent Graphical User Interface.
  • H/W required: Any PC (P4)
  • S/W required: Compatible OS: Windows XP with Administrative privileges.
  • Programming Languages Used: Shell Scripting, AHK scripts, VB.

In this suite, AHK scripting, which is most popular script used to create applications, is used for performing background executions such as editing registry or system monitoring. And rest of the Interface is provided by VB and Shell scripting, visible to computer user.

3. Problem for which the project is worked out as a solution:

The problem can be seen as a set of all the unwanted errors in computer system which interrupts the normal processing of system. It also involves problem of slowing down the speed of computer even though it’s having good configuration. Thus the problem is to convert a dull system to the level of performance where it is expected to be.

In order to make the system ability to noticeable state, all the necessary tweaks must be accomplished. It incorporates:

Ø Registry correction,
Ø Increasing speed of computer,
Ø Implementing security matters,
Ø Removing of most irritating viruses,
Ø Correcting problems caused by them,
Ø Increasing browsing speed,
Ø Instant access to frequently used utilities,
Ø System optimizing and one stop cleaning
Ø Blocking of Obscene websites permanently, etc

4. Marketability of the project and its commercial applications:

As no software product is available in the market which incorporates all the features stated earlier, this System Maintenance Suite has a wide scope. It’s actually a market requirement to have such multipurpose product which does basic functions.

After installing a fresh XP on all the PCs of any organization, just like other essential drivers and programs, this is “must have” software for complete system maintenance.

5. Other aspect of the project:

With a higher level of performance, one more important pros of this product is its extensibility facility. Yes, any time new definitions of the viruses or the tweaks can be added or deleted according to our need. Thus requirements of updating itself just like other good products are also fulfilled, which makes the software completely flexible.


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