iPod Touch Apps List

The applications and games that you find on the best iPod Touch apps list are not just restricted to the Apple iPod Touch. They can be used on the Apple iPhone as well, and most of them can even be used on the Apple iPad. The quantity and the quality of these apps is one of the most attractive points of owning a device developed by Apple Inc, and you can rest assured that you will get productive and useful apps in every category that you look.

There are more than 300,000 apps available in the Apple App Store, and they optimize the use and the features of your iPod Touch. The new Apple iPod Touch 4G has raised the bar even higher for portable MP3 players, and now you can access the Internet with it, make video calls with it, watch videos on it and the various apps are simply tools that are meant to make all these tasks more enjoyable and productive at the same time.

Apple iPod Touch Apps List

With that information in mind, here are some of the top iPod Touch apps that you make use of today, divided into the various categories in the Store.

Category Top Free App Name Top Paid App Name
  • iBooks
  • B&N Bookstore
  • Marvel Comics
  • B&N Nook
  • Stanza
  • MegaReader
  • Pocket God Comics
  • Dr. Seuss's ABC
  • Audiobooks
  • Ebook Reader
  • Dragon Dictation
  • Monster.com Jobs
  • Office
  • CamCard
  • Genius Scan
  • PDF Reader Pro
  • Documents To Go
  • Currency Converter
  • Job Search
  • FedEx Mobile
  • Netflix
  • Star Wars: Light Saber Duel
  • Aging Booth
  • Gun Builder
  • Talking Honey Cat
  • Pocket God
  • Remote
  • iBeer
  • AVPlayer
  • Wallpaper Factory HQ
  • Angry Birds
  • City Zombies
  • Dinosaur Slayer
  • Original Gangstaz
  • Lyric Legend
  • Rage HD
  • Uno
  • Solitaire
  • LEGO Harry Potter
  • Guitar Hero
  • Pandora Radio
  • Shazam
  • SoundHound
  • SongCatcher
  • VEVO
  • Ocarina
  • LaDiDa
  • PocketGuitar
  • Drum Kit Pro
  • GuitarToolkit
  • Spy Cams
  • Mirror in Your Pocket
  • Free Wi-Fi Finder
  • Battery Life Pro
  • Alarm Clock
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Flashlight
  • iDownloader
  • Mobile Mouse Pro
  • Cloud Browse
  • Google Earth
  • Yelp
  • Urbanspoon
  • American Airlines
  • OpenTable
  • Kayak
  • FlightBoard
  • Zagat To Go
  • New York Subway
  • Disney World Dining
  • ESPN ScoreCenter
  • NFL.com
  • College Football Live
  • CBS Sports Mobile
  • Paper Football 3D
  • ESPN Radio
  • ACC Sports
  • Hunting Call
  • Pele
  • MMA Underground
  • Google Voice
  • Evernote
  • Shopping List Free
  • iTranslate
  • CamScanner Free
  • Atomic Web Browser
  • Santa's Bag
  • Keynote Remote
  • LogMeIn Ignition
  • Quickoffice Mobile Suite
Health & Fitness
  • Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker
  • WebMD Mobile
  • Period Tracker Lite
  • Fooducate
  • iMapMyRun
  • Nike+ GPS
  • iFitness
  • Sleep Machine
  • All-in YOGA
  • BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

You can also find many free iPod Touch apps lists online to get more information on the best iPod Touch apps 2010 that you can get for free. In addition to these categories, there are many more present in the App Store as well, and one can truly spend hours browsing through the various available apps. The paid apps obviously, provide more features and benefits than the free ones, and this is not lost on consumers. Many people prefer to pay for some apps, so as to enjoy their leading characteristics and features.

The top iPod Touch apps know how to make full use of the impressive hardware of the device. The 1 GHz processor and the 3.5 inches Retina-Eye Display combine together to give the user an enriched experience, and this is enhanced by the way certain iPod applications look on the display screen. Video games are becoming more and more popular on the iPod Touch, and the device is fast overtaking the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS as the most popular handheld gaming device in the world.

With the help of this iPod Touch apps list you can find the best iPod Touch apps ever for your iPod Touch, and you can enjoy it to its extreme. A lot of money and resources are spent by the developers of these apps to give the best results, and each and every single one of them will be useful to you sooner or later.

- SAM - Virus

Is your computer infected by virus named -SAM - ? Are you not able to surf your favorite websites like orkut or proxy sites ? Irritated due to activities of that virus? Here is the solution !!

One thing I want make clear is that, This is not a “Computer virus”. (You may check the definition of that word on the net) Then what exactly is it ?

It is actually a computer program designed to block the website not expected in colleges, companies or any other official places. This -SAM- program will only block pornographic sites, harmful sites and sites like orkut, my space n so on.

What can be assured is it will not harm your computer in any way, also its not having any kind of destructive purpose. Instead if -SAM- is running, rest of the viruses cant exist in the same computer, yes this is one of the best features of -SAM- program.

-SAM- was actually a module of our project “System Maintenance Suite” - one of the top 8 softwares awarded in India in IIT TechFest !

-SAM- was spread by mistake while experimenting on college PCs, want to say that it was not spread desperately. Still if you don’t like that you may run the removal of -SAM- provided above.

S.M.A.R.T. Server

Following is the abstract of my B.E. final year project :

1.1. Preface

We all are living in the computer era where almost everything is automated and computer controlled. This SMART Server also aims to have complete network management. The system administrator or analyst of the company or organization would be pleased if he is given something that will automatically keep track of all inventories present in the campus, something that manages the clients and the web traffic, something that helps him to solve the problems remotely. Now the wait is over. Yes, that abstract “something” is realized as SMART Server. Its acronym for Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology based Server. 

In today’s world, all the things mentioned above are of extreme importance. The organization can see the quick snapshot of organization’s IT structure and assure that everything is alright. If not, then it can take the appropriate actions. The real-time reports can surely help the system controller to work more efficiently and fast. The implementation is totally based on “open source projects” like Apache, PHP, etc. So, in turn, the SMART Server inherits the powerful features, for instance, fast and flexible client-server interaction, security, platform independence, etc.

1.2. Statement of Problem

Consider an organization where there are many computers and other related inventory. Now it is quite necessary for the system administrator or analyst to:

  1. Know all devices connected to IT network.
  2. Know which software or hardware component is installed on a computer.
  3. Have ability to deploy software or configuration scripts on computers.
  4. Keep something between users and the Internet to handle web requests.
  5. Provide protection for users and use a web cache to make browsing faster.
  6. Have total traffic management and content filtering.
  7. Be able to solve software related problems remotely.

1.3. Objectives of Project 

Considering the problem statement, moving towards the solution, our project has following objectives.

SMART Server - 

  • Should have a proxy server that allows Total Access Control, Total Content Security, allows easy scalability in really large environments and most importantly, easy to implement, manage and tweak, as per every-day needs. 
  • Should determine what the components of your network are, how they are configured and when they change. 
  • System administrator should be able to resolve the problems remotely. 
  • It should be platform independent that is works perfectly under Windows, Linux or any other system architecture. 
  • Should have web based interface so that it must be accessible from any browsers. 

Thus, SMART Server, an automated network management suite is exactly “What you want is what you get.”

1.4. Scope of the Project 

Keeping track of your machines is an essential enterprise task that facilitates hardware and software management, license compliance, regulatory compliance, and security. Indeed, a successful asset management solution can save companies time, money, and lots of management headaches. 

Such a solution is essential for tracking all of your hardware and software assets. It can tell you where they're located, how they're configured, and when any changes are made to them. An asset management solution can provide an audit of manufacturer model and serial number, processor configuration, and even memory installed with free slots. An asset management solution can audit this information quickly and thus help an organization.

Another major job of IT manager is to let the clients use the network bandwidth efficiently. This can be achieved using the caching technique. A proxy server helps in monitoring, controlling the network traffic in extra-ordinary way. Use of Virtual Computing technology to solve the client problems is a good idea, which allows one to control the remote computer machine virtually from any location in the world. 

1.5. Organization of the Project

Its acronym for Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology based Server. As its name suggests, it provides self monitoring, analysing and reporting of the related data. For this purpose, SMART Server is organized of the following basic modules – 

· SMART Proxy


· SMART Virtual Computing

SMART Proxy:

It is a proxy server is a server which services the requests of its clients by forwarding requests to other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server. 

A SMART Proxy can reply to service requests without contacting the specified server, by retrieving content saved from a previous request, made by the same client or even other clients. This is called caching. Caching proxies keep local copies of frequently requested resources, allowing large organizations to significantly reduce their upstream bandwidth usage and cost, while significantly increasing performance. Proxy programs provide a means to deny access to certain URLs in a blacklist, thus providing content filtering. 


The auditing module intelligently “discovers” software installed across the computer network, and collects software file information such as title, product ID, size, date, path, and version. It also compares software inventory data with purchasing information to reveal license deficits and ensure that organizations remain compliant with their licensing agreements.

SMART Virtual Computing:

SMART Virtual Computing is a remote control software package derived from the popular VNC software. With SMART Virtual Computing, you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer.

System Maintenance Suite

This is the project that I show cased at IIT Mumbai while pursuing my engineering from SSGMCE and was among the top 8 projects throughout India. Here is an abstract :

1. Idea of project:

Every computer user thinks that his/her computer should work smoothly without any problem, may be caused by the viruses, faulty application softwares, registry errors, etc. One has to use various applications to defeat each problem respectively. For instance, registry cleaner for cleaning registry only. Still it’s not guaranteed that the error will be resolved. For example, an antivirus may remove the viruses but not cure the damages created by the viruses. The idea behind creating this software is to aid computer user to enjoy problem free computer. As maintenance is a part of any system, an all in one reliable solution may prove better for dealing with the various situations.

2. How does this Software work? 

As stated earlier, problems and errors in the computers are mainly due to the viruses, Trojans, registry errors, application faults, etc. If we analyze all the problems, it can be seen that actually windows registry gets infected. Now windows registry is the place where all the configuration information is stored. Windows every now and then refers to this registry for its operation.

As soon as any value in this registry is disturbed, windows may give unwanted results accordingly. Same is the case with the application faults, missing or changing of any file throws an error to user. All this may lead to slowing down the speed of computer. Thus if we could prevent files or the registry values from being changed, we can keep our system safe and sound. And that’s the principle of this software. We are actually resetting the original configuration of computer to get rid of the problems. That is our AHK based interface allows us to use amazing power of registry to completely conquer the system. Here it doesn’t require remembering all the paths to registry values or monitoring of any file changed or missed. All these facilities are provided in excellent Graphical User Interface.
  • H/W required: Any PC (P4)
  • S/W required: Compatible OS: Windows XP with Administrative privileges.
  • Programming Languages Used: Shell Scripting, AHK scripts, VB.

In this suite, AHK scripting, which is most popular script used to create applications, is used for performing background executions such as editing registry or system monitoring. And rest of the Interface is provided by VB and Shell scripting, visible to computer user.

3. Problem for which the project is worked out as a solution:

The problem can be seen as a set of all the unwanted errors in computer system which interrupts the normal processing of system. It also involves problem of slowing down the speed of computer even though it’s having good configuration. Thus the problem is to convert a dull system to the level of performance where it is expected to be.

In order to make the system ability to noticeable state, all the necessary tweaks must be accomplished. It incorporates:

Ø Registry correction,
Ø Increasing speed of computer,
Ø Implementing security matters,
Ø Removing of most irritating viruses,
Ø Correcting problems caused by them,
Ø Increasing browsing speed,
Ø Instant access to frequently used utilities,
Ø System optimizing and one stop cleaning
Ø Blocking of Obscene websites permanently, etc

4. Marketability of the project and its commercial applications:

As no software product is available in the market which incorporates all the features stated earlier, this System Maintenance Suite has a wide scope. It’s actually a market requirement to have such multipurpose product which does basic functions.

After installing a fresh XP on all the PCs of any organization, just like other essential drivers and programs, this is “must have” software for complete system maintenance.

5. Other aspect of the project:

With a higher level of performance, one more important pros of this product is its extensibility facility. Yes, any time new definitions of the viruses or the tweaks can be added or deleted according to our need. Thus requirements of updating itself just like other good products are also fulfilled, which makes the software completely flexible.